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Lekh Movie Download Pagalworld, Filmyzilla 720p Hindi: The Lekh movie was released in theaters on 1st April 2022 and with this release, this movie became very popular. For that many people are very interested to watch this movie because the trailer of this movie was very interesting. That’s why people are repeatedly searching on the internet how to download Lekh movie, they are searching again and again on Google.

After hearing the names of the star cast like Gurnam Bhullar, Tania, Kaka Kautki, Ammy Virk, Harman Dhaliwal, Harman Brar, Nirmal Rishi, Dharminder Kaur Maan, Raaf Chaudhary, Gurii, Ashu Moria, Chobber Sidhu, and Mandeep Singh in this winning movie. You will also be interested to watch this movie and anyway, you want to download this movie online.

After the release of the movie Lekh on 1 April 2022, more than two thousand people rated it 7.5 out of 10 on IMDB. From this, you can understand that many movies get a rating between five and seven but in this case, this movie got a rating of 7.5. Then you understand how popular the movie has become and people like it.

This movie has attracted more audiences. Because this movie is written by Jagdeep Siddh, who wrote hit movies like Kismat, Kismat 2, and Sufna. This movie is directed by Manveer Brar and produced by Gunbir Singh Sidhu and Manmord Sidhu and this movie is directed by White Hill Studios. So, friends today we are here to tell you that from where you can watch and download the movie. So read the entire post thoroughly to know the details.

Lekh Movie Review

Here we have discussed some important about the Lekh movie on this page. Below is some information provided to you in a table format, see this table format.

Movie NameLekh
Directed byManvir Brar
Produced byGunbir Singh Sidhu, Manmord Sidhu
Written byJagdeep Sidhu
StarringGurnam Bhullar,Tania & Many More
CinematographyRavi Kumar Sena 
Music byB Praak
Production CompanyWhite Hill Studios
Release date1st April 2022
Running time130 minutes

Lekh Movie Story

The first scene of the trailer shows a school bell ringing, then shortly after class starts, the class Mam tells the students who haven’t brought their homework to stand in line. Then there is punishment for students who bring in homework without doing it. It is seen that the Heroine of the movie slaps the Hero for not doing his homework. Soon after that Hero becomes Senseless. Then the friends of the Heroine said that the boy became like this with a slap.

Then it is seen that the Hero of the movie i.e. Rajveer is secretly watching the Heroine of the movie Raunak. Then it is seen that Hero’s father drives the school van of that school so to go with Heroine in that school van Hero punctures his bike himself and goes to school with Heroine in that school bus. Then on the second day when he goes to puncture the bike again, Hero’s father sees it and kills him.

Then the next scene shows the hero having a romantic conversation with the heroine and spending time with each other. But after some time it is seen that the Hero has fallen from the bike and the look of the hero is very much in concern. Hero then says that he was very angry with God that day but more than that he was angry with Heroine. Then the heroine asks the hero if I have done something wrong for which she cannot be talked to?

The next scene shows Hero and Heroine crying in a train and later Heroine is seen getting ready for marriage and Hero comes running out of nowhere. To know what happens next and whether the Hero and the Heroine get married at the end, you need to watch the movie in your nearest cinema hall or you need to watch this movie online from any genuine movie streaming app.

Lekh Movie Download

White Hill Studio played an important role in bringing this movie to the audience. As a result of their cooperation, this movie has attracted the attention of the audience. Also, the team behind this movie deserves appreciation for their hard work in making this exciting action-packed movie. The story development by the makers, writers, artists, and directors has done an amazing job.

Lekh Download VegaMovies

VegaMovies’s website releases all kinds of movies. Common people are searching for this movie extensively in various places but nowhere they can download this movie and there is nothing wrong to do so. That is why this time he is writing Lekh Download VegaMovies. Because I didn’t find any link from where I can download ‘Lekh’.

Lekh Download Filmyzilla

Hours and hours of hard work went down the drain because when I couldn’t find the ‘Lekh’ movie download link on VegaMovies, I again searched for ‘Lekh’ movie download Filmyzilla. Similarly, I couldn’t find the download link for the ‘Lekh’ movie on the Filmyzilla website

Lekh Movie Watch On OTT Platform

I couldn’t find the Lake movie even after searching on various websites like Vegamovies and Filyzilla. Because movies are not always available on these third-party websites. If you want to watch movies then you need to use the OTT platform. For example, to watch this Lekh movie, you need to download and subscribe to the OTT platform called Chaupal, but you can watch this movie very easily.

Film NameLekh
Streaming PartnerChaupal
Theatrical Released Date1 April 2022
Digital Release Date14th May 2022
DirectorManvir Brar
StarringGurnam Bhullar, Tania & Many More
Film IndustryPollywood


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