(LIVE) Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Today Check Online

Kolkata FF Fatafat is a very popular offline game that operates in Kolkata city and its surrounding areas. You have to guess some number and if you guess the correct number then you get the reward.

Kolkata FF is conducted by the Kolkata City Authority and the results of this popular offline game are published 8 times in a whole day. The result is published eight times daily from Monday to Saturday and 4 times on Sunday Kolkata Fatafat Result is published.

Kolkata FF Result Today Overview

EventKolkata ff result
Draw Date03/10/2023
Draw DayTuesday
Draw Time8 times
Draw TypeSingle, Jodi, Patti
Result ModeOnline
Post TypeResult

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result

I know right now you are excited to check the Kolkata FF Result. We have definitely given you the option to check the Kolkata Fatafat Result on this page. From which you can easily compare your results.

But let us inform you here that we are not directly connected with Kolkata Fatafat in any way. Rather we advise you to stay away from playing such games. However, if you want to check Kolkata FF results then follow the result table below.

Kolkata Fatafat result today live

In this section of the complete post, you can check today’s Kolkata Fatafat Live Results, All the Kolkata FF results that have been published so far and all the draws that will be published in the future can also be found in this section.

03/10/2023 (Tuesday)

TimingsWinning Numbers
10:30 AM358
12:00 PM570
01:30 PM579
03:00 PM270
04:30 PM890
06:00 PM456
07:30 PM169
09:00 PM
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Kolkata FF Report

Many times Kolkata FF Result is also searched on the internet as Kolkata FF Report. For those who are searching for the Kolkata FF Report, you can easily check the Kolkata Fatafat Result or Kolkata Fatafat Report from the table above this page. Both words mean the same.

Kolkata Fatafat result timing

As I said earlier Kolkata Fatafat publishes results eight times every day from Monday to Saturday, and from the Kolkata FF live result table we also know about that result publishing time. Yet once here we are discussing Kolkata FF Result Timing.

That is because these published times have been identified by Kolkata FF with specific names, which you need to know.

Bazi/ RoundTiming
1st Bazi/ Round one10:03 am
2nd Bazi/ Round two11:33 am
3rd Bazi/ Round three01:03 pm
4th Bazi/ Round four02:33 pm
5th Bazi/ Round five 04:03 pm
6th Bazi/ Round six 05:33 pm
7th Bazi/ Round seven 07:03 pm
8th Bazi/ Round eight 08:33 pm

One thing to remember is that only four results are released on Sunday i.e. four times the draw is held. You will get updates on every round very soon from this page. So visit this page during rounds If not see the result refresh this page again.

Kolkata FF Prize Distribution

PrizesCash Rewards
Kolkata FF 1st Prize 1 Crore (Indefinite)
2nd Prize9000 INR (Indefinite)
3rd Prize500 INR (Indefinite)
4th Prize250 INR (Indefinite)
5th Prize125 INR (Indefinite)

What is the Kolkata FF game?

Kolkata FF is an offline lucky draw competition. You can win thousands to crores by purchasing these draw tickets.

How to play Kolkata ff online?

As far as I know, there is no official online website or application for Kolkata FF. Some third-party websites and applications offer online draw options, but in my opinion, you are better off participating in offline draws.

How do you play the Kolkata FF game?

To play Kolkata FF you need to purchase Kolkata FF tickets offline. After that, if the result is published online, you have to match your ticket number with the result.

Note: Kolkata FF is an offline lottery game. Here a lot of people participate to see huge amounts of prizes, which may result in their own financial losses. So before participating in this game, think carefully about all aspects and participate.

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