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The easiest method to check the Kolkata FF Fatafat Result is discussed on this page. You can check the Kolkata Fatafat Result very easily with one click.

For the convenience of common people, the option to check the Kolkata FF Result without any special procedure is given on this page. So that people can easily check the Kolkata Fatafat Result.

Also, this page has a detailed discussion about What is Kolkata Fatafat, Kolkata Fatafat Tips, Kolkata Fatafat Result, and Kolkata Fatafat Lucky Number.

Kolkata FF, and Kolkata Fatafat

First of all let’s clear a concept about Kolkata Fatafat, also known as Kolkata FF. Because of this many times you will see someone searching by writing Kolkata FF Result. So someone is searching by writing Kolkata Fatafat result. Or want to know anything else about it.

In both cases, the person’s intention is the same. So Kolkata FF and Kolkata Fatafat are the same thing.

If you want to check the result then you can search by typing Kolkata FF Result. You can search again by typing Kolkata Fatafat result. In both cases, the result that will be shown to you is the same.

Kolkata FF Result Overview

If you don’t like to read the whole page, you can know the Kolkata Fatafat overview from the table format given below. Through this, you will get an almost complete idea about this page.

EventKolkata ff result
Draw Date03/10/2023
Draw DayTuesday
Draw Time8 times
Draw TypeSingle, Jodi, Patti
Result ModeOnline
Post TypeResult

Kolkata Fatafat FF Result (Most Important Area)

The most important part of this page is described here which is today’s Kolkata Fatafat Result or Kolkata FF Result. All visitors visit this page mostly just to check this result.

03/10/2023 (Tuesday)

TimingsWinning Numbers
10:30 AM358
12:00 PM570
01:30 PM579
03:00 PM270
04:30 PM890
06:00 PM456
07:30 PM169
09:00 PM
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From the above table format, you can easily check the results of today’s Calcutta Football at all times. Note to the right of the time period you want to check the result.

What is Kolkata FF

It may be that you do not know anything about the subject that we have been discussing so far, or want to know more about it. Then read this section carefully, here is a detailed discussion on what is Kolkata FF.

Kolkata FF is a kind of lottery game. Where you have to choose a number from a complete chart and bet on that number. Next time after the results are released if your guessed numbers match then nine times your budgeted return is given.

This game has been going on for a long time in the city of Kolkata and its surrounding areas. And slowly gaining its popularity. In that case, many common people want to check the results on the internet after participating in this game. For the convenience of those people, we publish only Kolkata FF results on this page.

Kolkata FF Fatfat Chart

Kolkata FF Chart is provided in a square format. Where there are 23 columns horizontally and 10 columns vertically. Some numbers are written in all these boxes. That type of chart is called the Kolkata FF chart.

The vertical boxes contain a total of 10 boxes from 1 to 0 which are serial numbers. The numbers written in the horizontal boxes are the lucky numbers. You choose your number from this lucky number and bet on it. If the serial number and lucky number match then you will get the prize.

Kolkata Fatafat Lucky Number

So far I have discussed with you what is Kolkata Fhotaft Lucky Number. Still, common people search by writing lucky numbers. Because they search by writing their lucky numbers. If this number matches then he will be awarded the prize.

But you should know that there is never a lucky number in a lottery game. Some number is awarded out of all the random numbers given to you. No one can predict the lucky number there in advance.

So never rely on any lucky number to participate in such games. Please use your own judgment to participate in this game.

Kolkata Fatafat FF Game Play and Result Timing

Kolkata FF is organized 8 times every day. Exceptions are held 4 times on Sundays. After play every time the result is published on the internet, so let’s know at which time every day the Kolkata Football game is played, and its result is published.

Bazi/ RoundTiming
1st Bazi/ Round one10:12 am
2nd Bazi/ Round two11:43 am
3rd Bazi/ Round three01:14 pm
4th Bazi/ Round four02:45 pm
5th Bazi/ Round five 04:16 pm
6th Bazi/ Round six 05:47 pm
7th Bazi/ Round seven 07:18 pm
8th Bazi/ Round eight 08:49 pm

Kolkata Fatafat Tips

Since Kolkata FF is a kind of lottery game, people want to become rich one day by playing the lottery with some money. So write and search for Kolkata Fatafat tips on the internet. If somehow he can win the lottery by getting some secret tips.

But if you consider it with the judgment of a common man, you will understand that no tips work in playing the lottery. taking advantage of this search of common people, some people are giving tips on Kolkata Fatafat on social media.

My advice is that you stay away from such tips and tricks. Use your own judgment to participate in such games.

Kolkata FF FAQ

What is the Kolkata FF game?

Kolkata FF is an offline lucky draw competition. You can win thousands to crores by purchasing these draw tickets.

How to play Kolkata ff online?

As far as I know, there is no official online website or application for Kolkata FF. Some third-party websites and applications offer online draw options, but in my opinion, you are better off participating in offline draws.

How do you play the Kolkata FF game?

To play Kolkata FF you need to purchase Kolkata FF tickets offline. After that, if the result is published online, you have to match your ticket number with the result.


We are never directly or indirectly associated with the Kolkata Fatafat game. And we don’t suggest you participate in the Kolkata Fatafat game. Because this type of game has the possibility of financial risk. You can participate in this game according to your own decision.

We only collect the information on Calcutta Fatafat results from the internet and publish it on this page. For this reason, you must verify the result from the official website after checking the result on this page

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