Khan Sir In Kapil Sharma Show Which Episode

Khan Sir In Kapil Sharma Show: These days, Patna’s Khan Sir, Dr. Vivek Bindra, and Gaur Gopal Das were seen together in Sony TV’s very popular program The Kapil Sharma Show. The episode became so popular that Sony TV removed it from YouTube. This is the reason why people write Khan Sir in Kapil Sharma Show on the internet and want to watch that episode.

In fact, Khan Sir of Patna is already popular all over India because of his way of teaching. And when he has talked about himself on The Kapil Sharma Show, people are repeatedly searching the internet by typing Khan Sir in The Kapil Sharma Show Watch Episode to listen to it.

The episode featured Archana Puran Singh as a special guest, who liked Khan sir’s teaching style so much that she shed tears by the end. At this place, we will not be able to see that episode completely. But some things that happened in that episode are being shared here. You guys will be well aware of that episode.

Khan Sir In Kapil Sharma Show Which Episode
Khan Sir In Kapil Sharma Show

Khan Sir In Kapil Sharma Show

well before we talk about what happened to Khan sir in Kapil Sharma’s show let us know a little bit about who is khan sir. Actually, Khan sir is a teacher from Patna. Those who have completed their studies map expertly. After that, he decided to teach all the students and started teaching such lessons whose method is different. He has been running a coaching center in Patna for a long time, which is known as Khan GS Research Center.

He has two goals behind his studies. First, teach any text in such a way that the reader enjoys reading it and learns with pleasure. Second, any such student of India who is not able to complete any studies due to money, at least face coaching for those people. As he told in this episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, the cost of catching UPSC is 2 to 2.5 lakhs. The same Khan sir has reduced his expenses to only Rs.7000.

Why Is Khan Sir So Popular

As I told you, Khan sir is so popular because of two reasons first, the fees of all the children who come to him to study are very low, and second, the way to increase them is such that once the child attends the class, never forget about class.

At the time of Lok Down, Khan Sir came on the online teaching platform, so whatever class he had for the children, he uploaded it on YouTube. And because of his strange way of teaching, millions of people have started watching all the videos as soon as they see them. And he became popular all over India and outside countries within a very short time.

Why Sony TV Remove Khan Sir In Kapil Sharma Show From YouTube

Khan Sir is such a personality in himself because wherever he goes, he brings something new. For this reason, to date, he has given his interview at all the places and has gone to any show. All those shows or episodes have become extremely popular.

Seeing the popularity of this episode, Sony TV has removed it from YouTube. Because Sony TV wants to watch this episode in full, people come to the SonyLiv App and watch the full episode from here.

If you also want to watch the full episode of Khan Sir in Kapil Sharma Show from the Sony Liv app. So by clicking on the link given below, you can go to the Sony Liv app.

Khan Sir in Kapil Sharma ShowWatch Here (SonyLiv)

Some things happened on Khan sir in Kapil Sharma show

Whatever Khan sir talks about can be trusted blindly. That’s why whenever Khan sir is present on a show, the fans of Khan sir definitely watch that show. Because even on this Kapil Sharma show, Khan sir has said two such things which people have probably heard from someone’s mouth. But want to see for me.

First, Khan sir talked about a girl where that girl requested Khan sir to shift the evening class to the morning. When Khan sir asked him, he told that we have to do the work of washing utensils in people’s houses in the evening. And on hearing this, Archana madam started crying.

The second thing has been said about a student who was raising fees by selling sand from the river from morning to evening to pay the fees of Khan sir. When Khan Sir came to know about the truth, Khan Sir also cried.

How to Watch Khan sir in Kapil Sharma Show Full Episode

Friends, to watch Khan Sir in Kapil Sharma Show full episode, you have to subscribe to the Sony Liv app. I have given the link to the Sony Liv app and website in the above table. You can watch Khan sir in the Kapil Sharma show in full by visiting SonyLiv subscription.


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