Dear Lottery Sambad 11.11.22 Today Result, লটারি সংবাদ

01:00 PM Dear Lottery Sambad Result 11.11.22 Today (লটারি সংবাদ) is given on this page. If you want to check Nagaland State Dear Lottery Result then you can check from this page very easily. Wait a minute Dear Lottery Result Check You must be doing but some detailed knowledge about Dear Lottery Result will be available on this page.

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Dear Lottery Result

When you search the Internet by typing Dear Lottery News Result Today, your screen will show the results of many websites. But remember that all these websites that show lottery news results are the same.

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What is Dear Lottery Result?

Before knowing about Deer Lottery Results you need to know what Deer Lottery is and how it is conducted. First of all, Deer Lottery sells paper lottery tickets approved by the state governments of several states including Nagaland State, Sikkim State, West Bengal State, etc. And then Dear Lottery official website published the result of that ticket.

As far as I have seen Dear lottery is very popular in West Bengal state. Now you can understand that since Dear Lottery publishes the paper ticket results on their official website, ticket buyers naturally search by typing Dear Lottery Results on the internet.

At the top of the page, you will see three buttons that indicate the time at which Deer Lottery publishes the Deer Lottery results on their official website. Details about this are described below.

EventLottery Sambad
Post CategoryResult
Official Website

Dear Lottery Sambad Result Today 1 PM

As I live in West Bengal, I am discussing the example of West Bengal state here. Deer Lottery sells its paper tickets every day in the open markets in this state through small and big vendors.

And every day at 1 PM, Deer Lottery releases the first Deer Lottery result of the day on their official website. Dear Lottery Result 1 pm or Dear Lottery news search by name from the public.

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The above image is Dear Lottery Result 1 pm. This resulting image is updated in PDF format on the official website of Dear Lottery for the convenience of the public, we are converting the PDF format to image format and updating it on this page.

Since we are publishing the above result image on this page, it is better to say that this image is an exact copy of Lottery Sambad Result published in PDF format on Dear Lotteries’ official website. If you want to verify your Lottery Sambad result then must visit the website of Dear Lottery Office.

Dear Lottery Sambad 6 PM Result

The second Dear lottery draws result every day is updated at 6:00 PM on the official website of Dear Lotteries. If you visit this page, it means that you also want to check today’s Dear Lottery Result, if you want to check Dear Lottery Result 6 PM, then look at the picture given below.

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Dear Lottery Evening 6:00 PM Result is known by some people as West Bengal Lottery Sambad, or Dear Lottery Sambad Evening, Lottery Sambad 6:00 PM.

Let me tell you again Dear Lottery Paper Ticket Result is published in PDF format on the official website of Dear Lottery. For the convenience of the common man, we convert that PDF format to image format and publish it on this page.

At this time if you want to check the Dear Lottery Result then you can match your Dear Lottery paper ticket from the above picture.

Dear Lottery Result Sambad 8 PM

Every day Dear Lottery publishes the last lottery result of that day at 8:00 pm. The general public finds on the internet by the name of Dear Lottery Result Today 8 pm, or Lottery Sambad Night Result.

If you also want to check your Dear lottery result, then match this picture well with your paper ticket below.

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Dear Lottery Result which is published at 8:00 PM is also published in PDF format on the official website of Dear Lottery. Our team converts that format to an image and uploads it to this page. And this work is done within 1 minute. That is, if you want to check Dear Lottery Result, then you can check anytime by visiting this page.

Dear Lottery Result Publish TimeTable

By now you must have come to know that Dear Lottery publishes Dear Lottery Result at three different times of the day on their official website. And that time is 1:00 in the afternoon, 6:00 in the evening, and 8:00 at the night.

Along with this, you also need to have a little idea about the timing of the distribution and selling of Dear lottery tickets.

First of all, from Dear Lottery, the tickets for the next few days reach the merchants selling big paper tickets. After that, it is distributed among small traders.

Traders selling Dear lottery tickets are sold in the market throughout the day. And those who have bought tickets according to the time of publishing the result. Those people check the result by typing Dear lottery result on the internet.

Draw Public NameDraw Time
Lottery Sambad Morning Result01:00 PM
Lottery Sambad Day Result06:00 PM
Lottery Sambad Night Result08:00 PM
Dear lottery

Go through the table given above carefully so that you will get a better idea about the time of publishing the Dear Lottery Result.


NOTE: This is not the official Lottery Sambad Website. This is not an online or offline gambling website and we have not organized any kind of lottery game. We just collect data from the official Lottery Sambad website ( and publish it here. You must match the results published here with the official website.

Dear Lottery Prize Distribution

First Dear – ₹1 Crore

Only one of the hard and fast tickets sold will get the essential honor. Also, for this, the number of tickets sold ought to match unequivocally. From the essential number to the last number there is an English capital letter that must moreover be facilitated.

Lottery Sambad Morning Tickets have an amount of 8 digits. The underlying two numbers are in these 8 digits and a short time later a capital letter and subsequently the other five numbers.

So the essential victor ought to match the ticket number completely.

Cons. Prize – ₹ 1000 (Remaining All Serials)

You likely grasped how the victor is picked. Here, close by the primary victor, significantly more are given one more 1000 rupees for each ticket. Which is called Cons. Prize.

Without a doubt, you can grasp a little better the manner by which the Cons Prize is given. Sort out what a ticket is, most importantly, the number is. For example, 11K 11111 is a ticket number.

So the essential third number here is known as the persistent number. All along, I said that only one individual will get the fundamental honor of accepting the whole ticket number including the constant number facilitated.

So because of the Cons Prize, except for the persistent number, all of the tickets with the 5 digits on the right will get 1000 rupees. Exactly when the essential honor will match 5 digits.

Second Dear – ₹ 9000

Second Honor 10 people get ₹9000 per ticket. There is a convincing explanation needed to match the ongoing number of tickets for this honor. Simply the 5 numbers on the right match definitively.

Expect someone buys 5 lotteries Sambad morning tickets and this time if the numbers are on the right match, he will get 5×9000= 45000 Rupees.

So here comes the request to you how one get 5 tickets of a comparative number? So you need to understand that tickets are organized with different persistent numbers with comparative 5 numbers on the right.

For example, the ticket number is 11K 11111. For this present circumstance, the winner to be ought to match 5 digits on the right 50% of the ticket.

I think this time what is going on is clear to you. Since even after all of the honors there are, one can get many honors of a comparable total.

Third Dear – ₹ 450

Third Honor 10 people get ₹450 per ticket. Here you simply need to match the 4 digits on the right 50% of the ticket.

For example lottery sambad morning ticket number is 11K 11111. For this present circumstance, need to match the ticket’s 4 digits from the right side. this is like this 11K 11111

A comparative rule will apply here who has any way many tickets? He/she will get 450 rupees for each ticket.

Despite how steadily your endeavor, you will get somewhere near 2200 rupees. Since you want to buy somewhere around 5 tickets. That is 5×450 = 2200 rupees.

I think you have figured out how to gather your lottery sambad result from this page. You can check your dear lottery result from this page whenever before very long.

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Dear Lottery Paper Ticket Government Law

Click on the link below to read all the narrow laws about lotteries. Read Here


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