Dear Lottery Sambad 11.11.2022 Result Today 1PM, 6PM, 8PM

I know you are looking for the Dear Lottery Sambad 11.11.2022 Result. Don’t worry you can easily check your Daily Lottery Sambad Result from this page. Our lottery news team is always ready to show you Nagaland state dear lottery results. If you want to check your today lottery result then you will find the option at the bottom of this page. Where you can check your Dear Lottery Sambad result very easily with just one click. So let’s get started.

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Nagaland State Deer Lottery has peaked in popularity in West Bengal along with several other states in India. People of West Bengal call Dear Lottery as Lottery Sambad. If you have noticed carefully, paper tickets for the dear lottery are sold in every small and big market in every district of this state. We know the lottery is a risky system but still why is it organized? I have given a detailed description below.

Dear Lottery publish time
Dear Lottery Sambad 03.11.22

Nagaland State Lottery, Sikkim State Lottery, Mizoram State Lottery, Deer Lottery All the paper lottery games organized by these organizations are officially legal i.e. the management is done only after obtaining approval from the state government in which the deer lottery is organized.

All these lotteries are not organized online. Daily paper tickets are sold through sellers and sub-sellers. And the result of that ticket is uploaded on the official website of Deer Lottery at three different times every day.

NOTE: This is not the official Lottery Sambad Website. This is not an online or offline gambling website and we have not organized any kind of lottery game. We just collect data from the official Lottery Sambad website ( and publish it here. You must match the results published here with the official website.

EventLottery Sambad
Post CategoryResult
Official Website

Dear Lottery Sambad 1 PM Result

I said earlier that Deer Lottery publishes the first lottery sambad results of the day at 1 PM depending on their daily ticket sale and unsold. Since this result is published on the official website of Dear Lottery, search the public internet by typing lottery Sambad 1pm Result or lottery Sambad morning result. If you want to check your today lottery samabd 1pm result then take a good look at the image below.

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The image given above is presenting the lottery Sambad 1pm result. This result image is updated on the official website of Dear Lottery in PDF format for the convenience of the public, we are converting the PDF format to image format and updating it on this page.

Since we are publishing the above result image on this page, it is better to say that this image is an exact copy of the lottery sambad result published in PDF format on the Dear Lottery official website. If you want to verify your lottery sambad result then definitely visit the dear lottery office website.

Dear Lottery Sambad 6 PM Result

Well, let me inform you that Dear Lottery published the second result of their daily lottery draw at 6 pm. Also note that at any given time the results are published depending on the sale and unsold tickets of Dear Lottery.

The public knows the Lottery sambad 6pm Result or Lottery Sambad Evening Result when they release the 2nd Draw of Dear Lottery Results. Ok if you want to check the lottery news 6pm result then take a good look at the below image.

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As usual from 5 pm to 5:30 pm, Deer Lottery vendors sell paper tickets for the second draw of the day. And the result of this paper ticket is uploaded by Dear Lottery in PDF form on their official website at 6 PM. Our lottery Sambad team converts the PDF format into an image format and uploads it on this web page.

By the way, if you want to check your dear lottery sambad evening result then you can check it very easily from the above image.

Dear Lottery Sambad 8 PM Result

Now we are coming with the last daily dear lottery sambad result at 8pm. The public again searches for it in a slightly different way, for example, the lottery sambad 8 pm result and also the lottery sambad night result.

This time, if you are one of them, you can easily check your Lottery News 8PM Results from the image below.

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The image given above represents the Nagaland State Dear Lottery Evening 8 PM Result. Let me inform you once again that the lottery sambad results you see on this page are all in image format. Our lottery sambad team is very active in publishing the daily lottery results and updates this page by converting them from the Dear Lottery official website to a PDF format image. People can easily check their daily lottery results.

Dear Lottery Sambad Morning 1 PM Result Weekly Schedule

First of all, you may have read so far and have understood it in very simple terms, but in this section, I am going to explain it to you in a more simple way.

Deer Lottery sells its paper tickets daily by vendors in West Bengal and some other states with the approval of the state government. But Deere Lottery has chosen three different times each day of the week to name the tickets differently.

The first lottery sambad result published at this particular time is 1 pm. And his weekly ticket names are given in the below format.

DaysDraw Names
MondayDear Ganga Morning
TuesdayDear Teesta Morning
WednesdayDear Torsha Morning
ThursdayDear Padma Morning
FridayDear Hoogly Morning
SaturdayDear Kosai Morning
SundayDear Damodar Morning
Lottery Sambad Live

Dear Lottery Sambad Morning 6 PM Result Weekly Schedule

By the same rule, the paper ticket results published by Dear Lottery at 6 pm are different on seven days of the week. I don’t know why it is done but its names are very interesting. Seven different names of the seven days of the week are given below in table format.

DaysDraw Names
MondaySun Monday Weekly
TuesdayMoon Tuesday Weekly
WednesdayMercury Wednesday Weekly
ThursdayVenus Thursday Weekly
FridayEarth Friday Weekly
SaturdayMars Saturday Weekly
SundayDear Damodar Morning
Lottery Sambad Live Result

Dear Lottery Sambad 8 PM Result Weekly Schedule

Similarly, Deer Lottery publishes the result of their last draw of the day at 8 PM. Here paper tickets are sold under seven different names on seven different days of the week. Those 7 different names are given below in table form.

DaysDraw Names
MondayFlamingo Evening Monday weekly
TuesdayParrot Evening Tuesday Weekly
WednesdayEagle Evening Wednesday Weekly
ThursdayFalcon Evening Thursday Weekly
FridayVulture Evening Friday Weekly
SaturdayOstrich Evening Saturday Weekly
SundayDear Damodar Morning
Lottery Sambad Live

Lottery Sambad Daily Result Timing

A little earlier we learned how dear lottery paper tickets are sold under different names on different days of the week. But let me tell you about dear lottery time in a little more simple language.

Draw Public NameDraw Time
Lottery Sambad Morning Result01:00 PM
Lottery Sambad Day Result06:00 PM
Lottery Sambad Night Result08:00 PM
Lottery Sambad Results

Lottery Sambad Morning Dear Prize Distribution

First Award – ₹1 Crore

Only one of the all-out tickets sold will get the primary award. What’s more, for this, the number of tickets sold should match precisely. From the primary number to the last number there is an English capital letter that must likewise be coordinated.

Lottery Sambad Morning Tickets have a sum of 8 digits. The initial two numbers are in these 8 digits and afterward a capital letter and afterward the other five numbers.

So the primary victor should match the ticket number totally.

Cons. Prize – ₹ 1000 (Staying All Serials)

You probably comprehended how the victor is chosen. Here, alongside the main victor, a lot more are given another 1000 rupees for each ticket. Which is called Cons. Prize.

Indeed, you can comprehend a little better the way in which the Cons Prize is given. Figure out what a ticket is, first of all, the number is. For instance, 11K 11111 is a ticket number.

So the primary third number here is known as the chronic number. From the start, I said that only one individual will get the main award assuming the entire ticket number including the chronic number coordinated.

So on account of the Cons Prize, with the exception of the chronic number, every one of the tickets of the 5 digits on the right will get 1000 rupees. At the point when the primary award will match 5 digits.

Second Award – ₹ 9000

Second Award 10 individuals get ₹9000 per ticket. There is a compelling reason need to match the chronic number of the ticket for this honor. Just the 5 numbers on the right match precisely.

Assume somebody purchases 5 lottery Sambad morning tickets and this time in the event that the numbers are on the right match, he will get 5×9000= 45000 Rupees.

So here comes the inquiry to you how one get 5 tickets of a similar number? So you want to realize that tickets are arranged with various chronic numbers with similar 5 numbers on the right.

For instance, the ticket number is 11K 11111. For this situation, the champ to be should match 5 digits on the right half of the ticket.

I think this time the situation is obvious to you. Since even after every one of the awards there is, one can get many awards of a similar sum.

Third Award – ₹ 450

Third Award 10 individuals get ₹450 per ticket. Here you just have to match the 4 digits on the right half of the ticket.

For instance lottery sambad morning ticket number is 11K 11111. For this situation, need to match the ticket’s 4 digits from the right side. this is like this 11K 11111

A similar rule will apply here who has however many tickets he has. He/she will get 450 rupees for each ticket.

Regardless of how diligently you attempt, you will get somewhere around 2200 rupees. Since you need to purchase at least 5 tickets. That is 5×450 = 2200 rupees.

I think you have managed to collect your lottery sambad result from this page. You can check your dear lottery result from this page anytime in the coming days.

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