Dear Lottery Sambad 09.11.22 Today Result 1 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM

Dear Lottery Sambad 09.11.22 Today Result 1 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM: How are you doing? I see that you are looking for the Nagaland State Dear Lottery Sambad 09.11.22 Today at 1 PM, or 6 PM and 8 PM. This page will be updated with Lottery Sambad Results every day. This page will provide you with the Lottery Sambad results for every day. You can check Dear Lottery Result anytime by visiting this page.

NOTE: This is not the official Lottery Sambad Website. This is not an online or offline gambling website and we have not organized any kind of lottery game. We just collect data from the official Lottery Sambad website ( and publish it here. You must match the results published here with the official website.

Dear Lottery 09.11.22

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Deer Lottery is very well-known in some states, including West Bengal. You can check the lottery Sambad results from this page. As I was looking at Nagaland State Dear Lottery, I noticed that it has its Day-to-Day Paper Lottery with endorsements from a few Indian state legislatures.

Consistently, Deer lottery tickets are sold in disconnected sales. Dear Lottery also distributes the results of those sold tickets at three different times every day. You may not know much about lottery Sambad, even if you’re a seasoned player. Do not stress, I have thoroughly reviewed this.

Dear Lottery Sambad Overview

From the table given below, you can get a quick update about Dear Lottery.

Dear Lottery Sambad Today 08.11.2022 Result

Board NameSikkim State Lottery Sambad & Nagaland State Lottery Sambad
EventLottery Sambad
Post CategoryResult
Draw NameDear Morning, Dear Evening, and Dear Night
First PrizeRs. 1,00,00,000
Result date09.11.2022
Result Time1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM
Official Website
Result StatusPublished

How to Check Dear Lottery Sambad Result Today

Of course, you need to know how Dear Lottery Sambad Result is checked. But before that, you also have to know how this Dear Lottery organizes its lucky draw, which we have explained in detail below.

Well, you will definitely read it, but before that let me tell you that if you also want to check the Dear Lottery Sambad Result, then you have to search on the Internet by writing Dear Lottery.

Now many websites will be shown in front of you, but if you can find out by finding the official website of Dear Lottery, then click on it. But can you say which is the official website of Dear Lottery? So let me tell you the above table is the official website of Dear Lottery. something like this

Now as soon as you come to the official website of Dear Lottery, from there you can check your Dear Lottery result, check old lottery result, or else on this page you have been given an opportunity to check today’s Dear Lottery result.

Dear Lottery Sambad Result 1 PM

Since I live in West Bengal and am a West Bengali, I will be discussing West Bengal state here. Deer Lottery sells paper tickets in the open markets of this state every day through small and large vendors.

Deer Lottery also releases every day the first Deer Lottery Result of the day via their official website at 1 PM. The public Dear Lottery Result at 1 PM or Dear Lottery Sambad search using the name of.

At this time you also want to check your Dear Lottery 1:00 PM Result, then check the picture given below well.

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The above image is Dear Lottery Results 1 pm. The resulting image can be found updated in PDF format at Dear Lottery’s official website. We are currently converting the PDF to image format and updating this page.

The above result image will be published on this page. It is best to state that it is an exact copy of Lottery Sambad Result, which is available in PDF format on Dear Lotteries’ official site. You can verify your Lottery Sambad results by visiting the Dear Lottery Office website.

Dear Lottery Sambad Result 6 PM

Every day, the second Dear Lottery draw result is posted on the official website at Dear Lotteries at 6:00 PM. This page is for those who want to view today’s, Dear Lottery Result. If you are looking at the image below, you can see the Dear Lottery Result at 6 pm.

Dear Lottery Evening at 6:00 PM Result is also known as West Bengal Lottery Sambad Evening or Dear Lottery Sambad Evening. Lottery Sambad 6:00 pm

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Dear Lottery Paper Ticket Results are available in PDF format on the official website. We convert the PDF file to an image format for the convenience of the general public and publish it here.

If you wish to see the Dear Lottery Results, you can match your Dear Lottery ticket by clicking the image above.

Dear Lottery Sambad Result 8 PM

Dear Lottery publishes every day the last lottery results at 8:00 PM. You can search the internet for Dear Lottery Today at 8 pm or Lottery Sambad Evening Result.

You can also check your Dear lottery results by matching this image with your paper ticket.

[sc name=”lottery_sambad_8pm”][/sc]

Dear Lottery Result is available at 8:00 PM on the official website. It is also available as a PDF file. The format is converted into an image and uploaded to this page by our team. The entire process takes less than one minute. You can also check Dear Lottery Result anytime by visiting this webpage.

Dear Lottery Sambad Results Daily Schedule

Dear Lottery publishes Dear Lottery Result three times a day on their website. That time is 1:00 PM, 6:00 Pm, and 8:00 PM each night.

This is not all. You also need to know when Dear lottery tickets will be distributed and sold.

First, Dear Lottery sends the tickets to the merchants who sell large-sized paper tickets. The tickets are then distributed to small traders.

There are many traders selling Dear lottery tickets that are available on the market all day. People who bought tickets at the published time. You can also check the result online by entering the Dear lottery result.

Draw Public NameDraw Time
Lottery Sambad Morning Result01:00 PM
Lottery Sambad Day Result06:00 PM
Lottery Sambad Night Result08:00 PM

Dear Lottery Prize Details

First, we are giving you small details about Dear Lottery Price Details in a table format. Below that you can read the Dear Lottery Prize Distribution in detail.

1stRs. 1,00,00,000
ConsolationRs. 1,000
2ndRs. 9,000
4rdRs. 600
4thRs. 400
6thRs. 100

First Dear Lottery Prize – Rs1 crore

Only one of the fast and hard tickets will be awarded the necessary honor. This means that the tickets must be sold in unison. Facilitate the transfer of the essential number from the last number by using English capital letters.

Lottery Sambad Morning tickets have 8 digits. These 8 digits contain the underlying numbers and, a few seconds later, a capital letter. Then you will see the five remaining numbers.

The essential victor should match the ticket number exactly.

Cons. Prize – Rs 1000 (Remaining all Serials)

You probably know how the victor is chosen. This is where the primary victor is located. However, substantially more tickets are awarded an additional 1000 rupees. This is known as Cons. Prize.

You will be able to understand a lot more about the Cons Prize. You need to identify what a ticket is and, more importantly, what the number is. A ticket number is 11K 11111, for example.

The persistent number is the third and most important number. As I stated, only one person will be granted the honor of accepting the entire ticket number and the constant number facilitated.

The Cons Prize will award 1000 rupees to all tickets that have the 5 digits on their right. The essential honor will be awarded exactly when 5 digits are matched.

Second Dear Lottery Prize – Rs. 9000

Second Honor 10 people get Rs9000 per ticket. This honor requires a compelling explanation to justify the continued number of tickets. The 5 numbers to the right match up definitively.

If a person buys five lotteries Sambad morning tickets, and if the numbers match correctly, he will receive 5×9000= 45000 Rupees.

Here’s the question: How do I get 5 tickets with a comparable number? You need to know that tickets have different numbers, with 5 numbers on each side.

Ticket number 11K 11111 is an example. In this case, the winner must match the 5 digits of the right half of the ticket.

You should be able to see the truth. Even after all the honors, it is possible to get many honors with a similar total.

Third Dear Lottery Prize – Rs. 450

Third Honor 10 persons get Rs450 per ticket. Simply match the 4 digits at the right half of the ticket.

Lottery sambad morning ticket number 11K 11111 is an example. Match the tickets with 4 digits on the right side for this situation. This is how it looks 11K 11111

Anyone who has more than one ticket will be subject to a comparative rule. Each ticket will be worth 450 rupees.

You will still get close to 2200 rupees no matter how steady your efforts are. You want to purchase 5 tickets. This is 5×450 = 2200 Rupees

You should now be able to find your lottery sambad results on this page. This page will allow you to check your lottery results whenever you want.

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Why Dear Lottery Result Known as Lottery Sambad

This is a funny story. As I already told Dear lottery is very popular in West Bengal. And there is a newspaper from West Bengal whose name is also Lottery Sambad (লটারি সংবাদ). And incidentally publishes the Dear lottery result in that newspaper inside their e-paper page.

Earlier people used to check their Dear Lottery Result from here. And gradually writing lottery sambad all over the internet, in today’s date, instead of dear lottery results, people search by writing lottery sambad.

I can hope that through this page you also got the Dear Lottery Result. And also got to know a lot about Dear Lottery. If you really liked this page, then you can share it with your friend, or relative by clicking on the share button given below.

FAQ – Nagaland State Dear Lottery

Is Dear lottery real?

Yes, Dear Lottery is absolutely real and it is organized by the state of Nagaland after an agreement with the state government in different states of India.

Who can buy dear lottery?

Anyone above the age of 18 can buy Dear Lottery paper tickets in the market.

How do I claim my dear lottery prize money?

If you have got any price from Dear Lottery then you don’t need to worry, the one who sent you the ticket will get in touch with you himself. If this happened, if you want to claim on your own, then you can also claim by visiting the official website of Dear Lottery.

How do I participate in the dear lottery?

To participate in Dear Lottery, you have to buy paper ticket of Dear Lottery from the market. And for the upcoming results, the official website of Dear Lottery has to be checked.

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